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The Timeless Beauty - The Forum

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After vainly searching for a forum where women over 40 had a strong voice, it became clear that the only way to have a place for women like me was to start my own forum. Thus The Timeless Beauty (TTB) was born in October 2009.

The goal of TTB, its founder, and its co-administrator has never been grandiose. Simply stated, it is to provide a safe, sane environment for women over 40 to discuss everything from beauty to empty nests to retirement plans. Originally TTB was focused more on beauty - makeup, skin care, hair, nails, fragrance, and other such topics. We still have that strong focus, but our members have also guided us into deeper discussions about wider lifestyle issues.

There is a certain comfortable ambiance about TTB that the administrators work very hard to maintain. Advertising is not accepted, so The Timeless Beauty has no obligation to anyone but its membership. Unwelcome outsiders, spammers and their ilk, are carefully guarded against and screened out. Member privacy is equally important to the security of the forum.

Spirited discussion is accepted and encouraged; personal attacks, while extremely rare, are bannable offenses. Members recognize that casually written words sometimes can be misconstrued and are tolerant and understanding. Humor is often used to diffuse any misunderstandings. TTB is and will remain a place where it's safe to be oneself. Member-driven, with careful facilitation and moderation, The Timeless Beauty looks forward to an exciting future.

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SilverCrown - Owner and Co-Administrator

A former computer consultant and programmer, among a litany of other jobs, SilverCrown (named for the increasing crown of silver atop her head) is well-qualified to own and operate a forum. A simple woman with fairly simple wants and needs, she's a wife, mother to two grown sons, and a woman who enjoys challenges in life. When she couldn't find a forum to suit her wants and needs, she challenged herself to create her own.

Of course, SilverCrown brings much more to the table than her computer skills. She has a sincere desire to help others, evidenced by her volunteer work tutoring local students. She reaches out with compassion to those having difficulties in life, the way only one who has also experienced trouble can do. She notices the little things, reading between the lines when necessary, and is a willing listener and a great friend.

An impulsive move driven out of frustration, the creation of The Timeless Beauty has turned out to be one of the better moves in SilverCrown's life. Now the hourly equivalent of a part-time job, the work required to maintain and enhance the forum in response to the desires of the members is a very satisfying and fulfilling aspect of her life. She derives a great deal of pleasure from the feedback of members who tell her, "I'm really glad to be a part of this wonderful community. You've made our lives a little brighter." Equally satisfying is working with members for whom computers are somewhat foreign and their navigation a challenge. TTB is a way for SilverCrown to give back some of the caring and kindness she has encountered elsewhere online.

Finally, it is SilverCrown's vision for The Timeless Beauty that has made it special. She saw it as a beauty forum first, but also wanted it to be a safe, secure, warm, and welcoming place. Her respect for others guides her decisions and her considerate attitude is the heart and soul of TTB.

SilverCrown welcomes your comments at

Canie - Co-Administrator

Canie, a wife and mother with an empty nest who loves scary movies, historical fiction, classic rock, big dogs, and crossword puzzles, is a treasured asset at The Timeless Beauty. She has been fascinated with makeup since high school, but, like many women of a certain age, had started wondering how she could still manage to enhance her appearance without looking like she was trying too hard.

After reading countless online beauty forums and blogs, Canie found that none of them seemed meant for women like her. When her friend SilverCrown asked her to help with The Timeless Beauty, she jumped at the chance to be part of the first forum created for women who wanted to talk about their age-specific beauty issues. She knew there were lots of women in her age group who would love a site like this.

Now, two years later, Canie still gets excited about new ideas. Whether it be a small task, like searching for the perfect new smileys to add, or something really big, like the recent upgrade to a new theme with better features and more security - anything that makes TTB friendlier to newcomers and easier for its members to use is important to her.

Her exquisite attention to detail, coupled with a strong sense of volunteerism born of her years working with people before retirement, make Canie the perfect co-administrator of TTB. The forum and its members are very fortunate to have such a dedicated and skilled person helping lead The Timeless Beauty into the future.

Canie, too, is happy to hear from you at