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Author Topic: You Asked and Cindy Answered- Part Three  (Read 1858 times)


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You Asked and Cindy Answered- Part Three
« on: February 20, 2011, 10:35:47 AM »

Q.  How has your life changed since being "discovered" and becoming a model? What do you like most and least about the changes?

A.  I was feeling satiated with my 25-year career as a makeup artist even though I loved every minute of it. I compared my desire to end that chapter of my life to the ending of a great meal. One can enjoy every bite; however, when you’re full, you stop eating. I was full and very content with all that I had done. Coincidentally, at that time, I was asked to model.

It took quite a while to convince me it was something I could do. I had been programmed to believe a woman had to be 18 years old, 18 feet tall, and weigh 18 pounds to model!
I've been modeling for 12 years and I've enjoyed every day I've worked. I'm working with a team (which is a huge part of what pleasures me) to create an image as before, except I'm in a different position. I'm no longer part of the core team.  That took a while for me to get used to. As a makeup artist, I could never sit and read a book, talk on the phone, or sleep during the shoot day as I was busy with the crew. But when I started modeling I soon realized that this core team does not have time to relate with the models until we are in front of the camera. In all those years as a makeup artist, I never noticed that the models were off doing their own thing.

When I'm on a shoot with other models, I have to wait my turn. That leaves me with lots of free time.  At first I felt guilty killing time until they needed me, but I  got used to that pretty quickly. I now appreciate how much time I have in a modeling day to take care of  many other things, like running my new business, the cosmetics line Boom! by Cindy Joseph. This is a whole new way to relate with women about makeup, beauty, life, and self-image. I love it!  It also allows me time to write my blog for Experience Life magazine. My life is truly wonderful. I appreciate the fun, the challenges, and the pressure of all of it.
One day as I was sitting in front of the camera waiting for the crew to get the lighting right, I realized what I was getting paid to do. It is very easy to show the pockets, length, or any feature of the clothing. But to be photogenic, you have to feel good. Truly feel good. And that takes a lifetime of practice and awareness. I was sitting there in the midst of the photo production, thinking to myself, "Wow, my job is to feel good! What a job! I'm getting paid to feel good!"
So that is the best change, and I cannot think of anything that's negative about what I do.
Q. What are your current goals?

A.  To bring the philosophy behind BOOM! to all women: You are beautiful just as you are and your beauty is innate to being a woman. It comes from taking joy in yourself and your life.  At any age, any size, any shape, you are attractive when you're happy. If you're motivated by fun it will be a much more successful way to become attractive than being motivated by fear. I would love to speak to schools and gather women and girls to discuss these topics and keep the believable beauty revolution growing worldwide.
Q.  What do you see in your immediate future?

A.  Continuing to model and building my cosmetics line.
Q.  In 5 years?

A.  I can see myself running Boom! with a larger team. And following what pleasures me the most at that time, which could be speaking and traveling the world to see the countries I have never been to, like New Zealand, Australia, South America.
Q.  In 10 years?

A. I have no idea and I like it that way. I love moving into the unknown. I could see myself living in the desert canyon area of Utah or the Rockies in Colorado.
Q. What is your greatest fear?

A.  Losing enthusiasm and curiosity for life.
Q.  How do you deal with it?

A.  I know it will never happen. I guess it’s not a fear then.  It would just be very sad to lose my zest for life. I don't really have a fear other than something tragic like losing my children, but to think like that is just a waste of energy.
Q.  What is your greatest accomplishment to date? Please elaborate.

A. Aside from my 41-year-old son, my 37-year-old daughter, my relationship with my partner, Bruce, my amazing community of friends, I would say creating my third career, at 58, which is my business and cosmetics line, Boom! By Cindy Joseph.

It has taken every ounce of energy, enthusiasm, wits, and skill I have to date to start and build this business. My whole life of experience accumulated into this one point. That is what it has taken to manifest this cosmetic line. It was just an idea floating in my mind and now it is a tangible, functioning business. I am very proud. And I could not have accomplished what I have thus far or have any hope of taking it further without all my present and future customers. BOOM! is the beginning of a beauty revolution. It's a brand new club for women who are celebrating themselves and feeling beautiful exactly as they are. That is an accomplishment and I couldn't do it alone. It takes every woman to keep the momentum going.

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