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Author Topic: Suggestions how to reply w/o stacking answers  (Read 650 times)


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Suggestions how to reply w/o stacking answers
« on: October 16, 2009, 09:11:12 AM »
SilverCrown & Canie, thank you for this lovely place to meet and chat!

I have been on a Lit. forum that uses this exact format, and I liked it very much.  I think as the MUAers get used to it, we shall like it just fine.  

Suggestions: if you wish to reply to a post, you can
  • quote all or part of their post
  • list their name, in Bold, to address their post

The Quote button is above each post to the right, just click on it and you get a reply window with the whole post embedded.  You can delete the parts of the post that are not relevant to your reply by the usual way of highlighting and deleting. (Duh!) Just leave the [bracketed coding] at the front and end of the section.  Make sure to place your reply outside the brackets.

The bold button is just below the Message Icon: in the reply window. Just highlight the text you want to bold and click on the B.

I hope this helps.  If I confused anyone more, please ask for clarification.  Once you see how it works, its quite easy. I learned even though I had not been on a forum before that one!  ;D  MUA was an adjustment for me after this type.  That lends itself to fast paced chatting.  This style is good for leaving topics open for new input and members.

The beauty of this kind of forum is how the topics are nicely sorted rather than just stacked.  Don't be afraid to start new topics for a new subject, that's how the forum grows.

Thanks again to thetimelessbeauty for this great new place to chat.
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