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Author Topic: Bloggers May Now Include More Links on TTB  (Read 4263 times)


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Bloggers May Now Include More Links on TTB
« on: January 04, 2012, 11:55:12 AM »
Dear Blogging Beauties -

As you know, I have been quite restrictive about including links to your own blog in your posts throughout the forum. After seeing that blogs whose owners aren't even members get more links from TTB than our own members' blogs do, I have decided to alter my position.

As long as you include some kind of substantive information that contributes to the forum, you may now include a link to your blog post about that topic. For example, within a topic about product XYZ you might include something like:

"I found product XYZ to be fabulous because of <reason 1>, <reason 2>, and <reason 3>. My only hesitation about it is <reason 4>. For the full story, check out my blog post at <URL to post>."

I hope that this will be helpful to our blogging members.

I would, however, like to remind our bloggers that we do expect and appreciate the courtesy of a link to TTB in return. We have similar audiences and I have always believed that sharing is beneficial to us all.

Thank you.