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Author Topic: Am I weird?  (Read 2394 times)


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Re: Am I weird?
« Reply #30 on: May 30, 2013, 08:32:02 AM »
I'm glad to know there are at least some others who aren't into phones. Sometimes, around here, I feel like the last person in the universe not to be glued to their phone, or not to be constantly snapping pix/videos either. Nearly EVERYONE around here has iPhones(or a strong competitor like the Samsung Galaxy), but I'm in San Francisco, Ground Zero for tech anyway. Not to say that I'm against tech at all - it's just that I'm not into phones. For the first 2 years that we were back in SF, it took me that long to get in the habit of even taking my cellphone with me when I went out - as where we lived before, cellphones didn't work, so we didn't have them. DH however adjusted to this a lot faster than I did but he's more attuned to gizmos in general what with having digital cameras etc. With our cheapo phones - I love the fact that we pay only $100 a year each for the contract on these things and that they are strictly no-frills. We're too cheap to even have the Internet access on these things, and we skipped texting, at this time anyway. I sometimes think about that - that we might have missed the boat on that one as it's such a common means of communication now for all sorts of stuff. Having our high-speed Internet at home is quite enough. In public, I really prefer being highly alert and tuned into what's going on around me rather than being hooked up to something else. Interestingly, and not surprisingly, since people got into the habit of being on smartphones all the time in public, the rate of crime has gone up(because people aren't paying attention to their surroundings, plus they have this shiny new thing prominent on their person), as these can easily be turned over for cash, along with iPods. I do have a small iPod(a Shuffle to be exact), but I would NEVER EVER have it hooked up to me in public. I know I'm likely in the distinct minority on another aspect of these - I can't stand being hooked up to one while on the elliptical at the gym or while working out, for the same reason I don't like it on the street or bus. Again, being tuned into my immediate environment is very important to me. While my husband can do this all day long. I can however tolerate it if I'm practicing hoop dance work alone in the gym class space when no class is being held, but I'd really prefer if I could have it hooked up to small speakers but we can't do that at the gym. Meanwhile it sits in my drawer - I haven't charged it up in forever LOL! DH needs to put new music on there - he had passed it along to me as something to use for hoop practice. That said, I do like iPods(DH has 2 - the Nano, and the iTouch, which IS cool) - they are a saving grace if one wants to listen to music that the other one isn't into hearing, or for a portable music system. DH got a wireless speaker that is astounding in sound quality, and it's only the size of a beer can!:) He also got a portable hot spot device for the iTouch, so it's good for travel.


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Re: Am I weird?
« Reply #31 on: May 30, 2013, 02:56:01 PM »
I've always believed that when I pay for a telephone (landline or cell) that I am paying for my convenience. That means that when I'm in the middle of a meal or a good book I might not answer unless I'm expecting a call. Likewise, if I'm feeling introverted or am in a disagreeable mood, I might not answer. CallerID has been a great boon for me.

As for talking on the phone, it really depends on the person to whom I'm talking. Now that long distance rates are of no concern I can talk for hours with a dear friend. Talking to my son, though I'd like to talk longer, is usually quite short and to the point. When possible, I like to handle business via email rather than the telephone though there's no denying that often the telephone gets a much better response.

We're quite old-fashioned, too. We have a cheap cellphone for use when we're on the road, especially during the winter. I also use it to text my son because usually that's the only way to initiate a phone call with him. I've come around to texting to a certain extent. While I don't have a phone that's very texting-friendly, I can see the utility in sending someone a one-line message (e.g., I'm here, please buzz me in.) rather than dialing and conversing. Otherwise we use our landlines for home, business and that other old-fashioned technology, fax. I was so glad we have a fax line this past year. I had a court case out of state so my lawyer was out of state and I was able to sign and fax documents to him to keep things moving along. (And I prevailed in the case! :) )
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