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Author Topic: Just for fun: I just made a Finnish pancake!  (Read 357 times)


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Just for fun: I just made a Finnish pancake!
« on: July 09, 2016, 11:56:26 AM »
Just for fun: here´s one I made right now. It is called pannukakku in Finnish, but maybe you´d call in an oven pancake. It is eggy and buttery and totally yummy. Easy to make, too. Can be eaten like that, or with some self-made strawberry or raspbelly jam. I guess you guys might try some maple syrup on it?

It smells heavenly when you take it out!

I´ll give you my personal recipe, just in case (yes, it is my secret recipe, or, was!):


Middle of oven, 225 degrees celsius
2 baking papers
One (metallic?) deep oven pan, I use a 40 x 35 cm or 15 x 13 3/4 " one
Hand whisk
Six eggs
One litre of full-fat milk
some salt
some sugar
some vanilla sugar (the real thing, if you have it!)
5  decilitres, or half a litre, of flour
50 - 100 grams of butter

Whisk the eggs gently. Add  1 - 1.5 tsps of salt. 2 tablespoonfuls of sugar. 1 - 2 -  tsps or vanilla sugar. Or some vanilla extract, maybe? Add milk.
Add flour, whisking all the time to avoid clumps.
Let stand for half an hour to let the flour swell. Whisk a couple of times during the half hour.
Take out butter, cut 6 - 9 slivers or cubes, up to 50 - 100 grams.
Put the baking papers on the oven pan.
Whisk for the last time to get all the clumps out, doesn´t matter if there are tiny clumps left, it will still taste good! Pour the mixture in. Before putting it into the oven, drop the butter cubes in! They will float. It is ok.
Have a look when almost half an hour is gone.
It should be golden, buttery, some brown in it. Do not burn it! You can try and peek if the bottom is done. Half an hour should do it. It will look puffy when it comes out of oven, but then "fall".

This is SO easy to make, and it is delicious!

It is not puffy at all like US pancakes.

We do have "lätty"s, too, which are quite similar to British pancakes.

You cannot do a great one without at least 50 grams of butter. Please do not try skimmed milk, either!

So, there it is. I´ll enjoy it in a minute.  :)

Should you happen to have extremely easy recipes for the lazy, I mean busy woman, please feel free to share!

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